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A Unity3D System Incorporating the Functionality of a Dungeon Crawler or Real Time Strategy System
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GridGenerator.cs File Reference

Handles Data Representing the GridGenerator. More...


class  GridGenerator
 This class generates a grid a long the xz plane. More...
class  GridGenerator.GridComparer
 Used for Sorting GridSquares within a Data Structure that Contains an IComparer. More...
class  GridGenerator.GridSquareQuadrant
 Used for Being Able to Easily keep Track of GridSquares Tied to Specific Quadrants. More...
class  GridGenerator.GridSquare
 Represents a 3D GridSquare within the xz-plane. More...

Detailed Description

Handles Data Representing the GridGenerator.

Generating GridSquareQuadrants that are made up of GridSquares.

: Chase Hutchens